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A Suggested
"Pre-Corset Checklist"

Lacing up for the day?  Wait!  Did you remember to...

  • Cleanse and powder your skin?
    The health of your flesh is particularly important when it will be subject to the hours of pressure beneath a corset.  It is imperative to wash the torso daily and exfoliate regularly.  Those living in a humid climate or subject to sweat will also find body powder beneficial in minimizing the likelihood of ending up with a damp corset liner.
  • Put on a corset liner?
    The natural oils secreted by your skin are key to a healthy complexion, but they do no good to a corset.  This tank top, tube top, or stretchy shape wear layer should be snug around your waist before you put on your corset so that wrinkles do not form when you lace up.  Your corset liner can be made of natural or synthetic material, based on your own personal preference (each has its advantages and disadvantages), but it is best to use one without seams, as these will tend to irritate your skin.  (Read more about waist training skin care here.)
  • Take care of your floor-level activities?
    Bending down to pick up items, pull on your trousers or stockings, pack luggage, or put on your shoes is not impossible with a corset on.  However, it does require additional coordination and time to accomplish these tasks.  Consider whether or not you can minimize the number of these floor-level activities left to be accomplished prior to tightening your corset.
  • Securely tuck away your corset laces?
    If wearing your corset as an undergarment, keeping it unnoticed is critical and hiding the corset laces is one way of accomplishing this.  Having the laces tucked away also ensures that they will not become soiled when you inevitably must take a trip to the restroom.  Options for moving them out of the way include tucking them up underneath the bottom edge of the corset, above the top edge of the corset near the chest, or threaded back through the lacing gap and into the small of the back.  (You can read more about managing your corset laces here.)

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