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The Cardinal Rules of Cinched Eating

Do not eat and drink in the same sitting. Leave at least 20 minutes between your beverages and meals, as liquids will slow down the digestion process and leave you uncomfortably full for a longer period of time.  Sipping water to wet your palate is fine, but big gulps are best avoided.

Use meal syntax by eating, in order, vegetables then protein then starchy carbohydrates. As an example, consider a meal of salmon, steamed green beans, and mashed sweet potato.  First consume your green beans, then your salmon, followed by the sweet potato.  This method of meal syntax ensures that you will have enough room for your veggies as well as vital protein.  It also places food into your digestive system in an order that is easiest to break down.

Chew all food to a fine paste.  Save your stomach and intestines some work!  With that in mind, know that smoothies, freshly-juiced vegetables, and protein shakes are your friends.

Cooked vegetables trump raw vegetables.  Cooking is a marvelous revolution which allowed primitive man to absorb nutrients far more efficiently by breaking down foodstuffs before consumption.  As a corset wearer, you will find that this “pre-digestion” will make consuming your five servings of vegetables much less of a chore.  This is not to say that raw foods are to be avoided completely!  Just be aware that one choice will be much more comfortable for your tummy than the other.  For those concerned about the loss of supposed phytonutrients in the cooking process, understand that the vast majority of beneficial compounds in plant matter are heat-stable, meaning that you will not be missing out on the natural goodness of your veggies.  The transportation of fresh vegetables is far more problematic to the decay of nutrients, thus making flash frozen vegetables both more wholesome as well as more convenient.

Avoid carbonation.  When wearing a corset, your stomach will be constricted enough to make eating in general a new skill to master.  Adding gases to the matter in the form of carbonation bubbles will only make the process more uncomfortable, or even painful!  Some individuals are subject to come down with a fierce case of the hiccups, no   Allowing sodas or beers to “go flat” by breaking the seal and leaving it set for 8+ hours can mitigate issues.

Added sugar should be limited. The body will store at least a certain portion of it as glycogen, which is essentially "back-up energy" held in the liver and muscles. For every gram of glycogen stored, there are an estimated 3-4 grams of water stored with it.  Simply put, sugar and simple carbohydrates will cause a massive amount of water retention if you consume more than you need at any given time.  This guideline, of course, is not nearly as applicable when you are engaged in vigorous physical activities or exercise.

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