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The Art of Retrieving Dropped Items

There's nothing quite like having to pick up an item from the ground while corseted that emphasizes how much mobility is sacrificed for a cinched waist and strong posture.  As simple as the task or retrieving dropped items may seem, there are still some tricks to making it easier.  Consider both your clothing and your corset style - there are some methods that could make a fool of you if you are wearing a fitted dress!  You might also find it advantageous to hold onto a sturdy surface or wall when attempting any of these in order to aid in your balance.

When Wearing a Dress or Skirt

  • If you are wearing a long-line corset or overbust, try the narrow squat.  Keeping your feet and knees together, bend at your knees and hips to crouch down.  Grab your item and return to the standing position.
  • However, if you have on a shorter-to-medium length corset or waist cincher, the straight-leg deadlift is just as effective, and truly alluring.  Keep your knees together, legs straight, and hinge only at the hip while bending down.  High heeled shoes or minimal flexibility may inhibit this particular method.  Be sure to keep your spine straight to prevent bowing of the busk in your corset. One bend will do little harm, but it is important to build the habit of maintaining a well-aligned posture even when bending forward.

When Wearing Trousers or Jeans

  • The narrow squat and straight-leg deadlift are equally effective when wearing pants, though the following may be easier for you when maintaining a ladylike manner is less necessary based on dress.
  • The wide squat can put less strain on your knees, and requires less strength from any one muscle, as it engages more tissue in the legs.  It’s also a great way to “target” your dropped item by straddling it and then squatting down to retrieve it.  The motion is similar to the narrow squat, save that the feet are spread at least shoulder-width apart, and the knees should track outward when lowering down.
  • The one-legged hip hinge is a close relative to the straight-leg deadlift detailed above, though in this case one leg can safely leave the ground.  Keeping one foot planted on the ground while raising the other leg to maintain a straight line from head to toe allows for more balance, and usually more flexibility when picking up an item.
  • The walking lunge is a favorite, as it requires minimal balance and allows the spine to stay mostly vertical when retrieving a dropped item.  Step forward with one leg just past where your item lays, then sink down into a lunge.  Keep the angles formed by your legs at 90 degrees, as this will minimize the strain placed on your joints.  Step forward with your hind leg to return to standing.
  • Kneeling down is as simple as it sounds.  When something is particularly difficult to reach, such as an item that has rolled under a table or desk, this may be your best bet.  Crouch down and softly move to a kneeling position, then find your item before returning to standing.

When All Else Fails

  • The assistant is the most tried and true option when retrieving dropped items.  The only downfall here is that you must have someone around who is willing to help!

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